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About Us

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Created with an Intentional Feeling

Comprised of topical remedies, and essential fragrances- this offering ignites the senses, relaxes the mind, all while inviting a sensuality not at all common in this space. The intention, and attention to detail used while creating each piece, is demonstrative that the Classic Touch brand, is indeed classic in every sense of the word.

We are a lifestyle brand born out of our love for wellness merged with the desire to help others embrace and nurture every sense of their intimate experience. Our desire is to assist you in your sensual journey to embrace and create your fantasies via touch, smell, and taste.

Classic Touch provides an innovative approach to the sensual journey to enhance your exploration of fantasy via touch, smell, and taste. We pride ourselves in serving to create a relaxing and sexy experience with each intimate encounter. Our desire is to help each person achieve their intimate desires with every touch.

About Our Founder

Our founder Classic Cauley wanted to develop a brand out of her love, knowledge, and appreciation for the benefits of sensuality and wellness to our everyday health by merging CBD and sexual wellness. The other desire was to bring something to those of us who love the plant and can appreciate its relaxing effect experienced in a luxurious and intimate way. She brings years of business experience from previously working in the corporate world to the more recent owner of a boutique Public Relations firm for the last five years. Developing a brand out of a desire to create a legacy brand was the beginning and will hopefully result in the brand becoming a beloved household name.