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What is CBD? 3 Ways It Can Improve Sexual Health

What is CBD? 3 Ways It Can Improve Sexual Health

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What Is CBD? 3 Ways It Can Improve Sexual Health    


Many people have struggled with the idea of sexual health before. It's not something you consider every day, but it is an essential part of living a healthy life and being happy as a person. Sex is a crucial part of life that one should always feel comfortable with mentally and physically.

CBD is a very effective way to help with numerous ailments and conditions, including lowering stress levels, anxiety, pain and inflammation. It is also a natural supplement that can also help to improve sexual health. CBD is most commonly used for its relaxing effects, but it also has some exciting results.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the second most commonly occurring cannabinoid in cannabis. Unlike the majority of cannabinoids, however, CBD is non-intoxicating. CBD is different since its noticeable effects are generally more gentle and mild.

CBD is still a relatively new product compared to the other supplements out there. As a result, there aren't enough studies done to definitively say that it works for all of the conditions it can help treat. However, the testimonials and experiences of those who do use it can still be pretty promising.


Key sexual health benefits of CBD

It's essential to understand the role of endocannabinoids. They are present in the human body and play a vital role in many homeostatic functions like appetite, pain sensation, mood, and memory. However, our bodies cannot make such endogenous cannabinoids on their own. So it's important to consider external sources that can provide us with these compounds. 

There's a reason cannabis and sexual health are so often talked about together. The connection between the two is powerful, with research showing that cannabis can boost sexual health in several key ways.


# 1 CBD can keep you calm and relaxed

Stress has a negative effect on all relationships, including intimate ones. Intimacy is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "interaction marked by affection or sex" – a close and deep connection with your partner. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been proven in many studies to offer stress-reducing effects. When you are less stressed, you also have a more positive outlook, leading to increased intimacy.


# 2 CBD can improve hormone balance

CBD promotes a calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind. It can help you feel light, cheerful and free from worry. The ECS is the body's natural system that regulates certain chemicals within the body related to moods, such as serotonin. CBD changes how these natural feel-good brain chemicals and receptors function, giving benefits related to relaxation and happiness.


3# CBD can increase stamina, virility and sex drive

Virility is the general state of manliness. The aura of virility encompasses such masculine virtues as potency, courage and boldness. Virility is popularly believed to be an innate male quality, but it can be adversely affected by stress, food choice, overwork and anxiety.

A 2017 research confirms that CBD enhances sex drive. The research found it can activate a part of your brain that controls sexual arousal. Using cannabis may be helpful for men and women with low libidos.


The Bottom line

CBD products can enhance sexual wellbeing. While the FDA hasn't approved them for sexual enhancement, more and more people are using them this way. Research is limited, but preliminary studies show CBD could help with tension reduction, pain relief, increased blood flow, arousal and pleasure.