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Is CBD Effective with Massage Therapy

Is CBD Effective with Massage Therapy

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Does CBD Help With Massage Therapy?

Massage therapists are turning to CBD massage creams and oils. This is because they know that the CBD in hemp works wonders on sore muscles, jumpstarts energy levels, and leaves clients feeling great! 

Plus, the added benefits of pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties are just icing on the cake.

CBD is an extract from the Cannabis plant. It contains a host of critical anti-inflammatory agents and pain relievers. Due to its synergistic effect, mixing CBD with massage has been shown to reduce swelling within muscles and joints. Massage therapists, fitness enthusiasts, and others turn to CBD to help with inflammation and pain issues. CBD oils offer them a natural way to do so without harmful side effects. This article breaks down some of the key benefits.


How does it work?

Yes, CBD can help. By binding to CB2 receptors, CBD influences the action of your immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, helping to improve your body's response to stress and inflammation. Since it is a cannabinoid (i.e., it comes from a plant), it is natural for the human body to metabolize CBD properly.

CBD can help the body's homeostasis improve, allowing the immune system and central nervous system to better function. This can ease pain and bring overall balance. In short, CBD helps keep the endocannabinoid system healthy, which is a crucial factor in effective massage therapy.


How can CBD Increase the benefits of massage?     

Adding CBD to your massage routine is a great way to enjoy all of the health benefits of both CBD and massage. Massage therapists love it because their patients love it and because it works. CBD promotes relaxation and reduces pain in ways that make the whole process more enjoyable. One can use a topical oil containing CBD on the skin or a more concentrated form of oral oil. You will feel more relaxed.

Research shows that topical CBD oil penetrates the skin better than any other method of administration. You can even massage directly into sore muscles and joints. The combination of cannabis with massage therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool. Using CBD infused into specific muscles and pressure points will lead to faster recovery from injuries and improve blood circulation.


How about Sexual wellbeing?

CBD binds to the CB2 receptors in our body and helps you create your body's natural cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. Your body has an ECS designed to help regulate functions that can involve pain, sleeping, moods, appetite, immune system functions, and reproduction. CBD enables you to get to the proper levels of certain cannabinoids within your body.

There is no research evidence to prove CBD helps Erectile Dysfunction (ED). However, according to one theory, some experts believe that increased blood flow can immensely assist ED.

So far, its impact has been demonstrated in studies relating to several health issues, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Now, scientists have suggested that CBD could help men with erectile dysfunction too. It seems that this may be due to the way it affects a person's endocannabinoid system.